All Your Accounts. Any Institution. One View.

You may have bank accounts, brokerage accounts, insurance policies and retirement plans across multiple financial
institutions. Wouldn't you like to see your full financial picture in one place?

Morgan Stanley can help you simplify your financial life.

With OneView from Morgan Stanley,
you can organize all of your account
information in one location, regardless
of where your accounts are held -
giving you and your Morgan Stanley
Financial Advisor an integrated view
of your financial picture.

By enrolling all your accounts in
OneView, you and your Morgan Stanley
Financial Advisor will have a current,
comprehensive understanding of your
overall financial situation, and will be
in a better position to help you develop
and implement your financial strategy.

Your financial data is collected and
maintained with the strictest attention
to security and confidentiality. With
comprehensive measures designed
to safeguard data, you can take
comfort knowing that your personal
and financial information is protected.

Once you're enrolled, your account information in OneView is updated daily - so you can review a holistic view of your financial life anytime on Morgan Stanley Online.

Log in to enroll in OneView to get started.

Note: You'll be prompted to enter your Morgan Stanley Online User Name and Password.

For additional information about OneView, please contact your Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor.
OneView Video

View this three-minute video
to learn more about
how OneView can help you
organize your financial life.

Gather information about the
accounts you want to include in
OneView before enrolling.

Morgan Stanley Online offers
secure, convenient online access
to your Morgan Stanley accounts.
If you don't have access,
register now. Then follow the
OneView link under the Portfolio
tab to enroll in OneView.
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Morgan Stanley Online

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